A Sneak Peek of HERO Harmony

Over the past few years, HERO PM released new versions of solutions like Inspections, Websites, and Portals.

Unfortunately, we fell behind the industry on some other essential solutions. That's all about to change.

What is HERO Harmony?

  • A fully redesigned, cloud-based, multi-platform software for residential property management.
  • Complete accounting in the cloud.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) with automated messaging.
  • Plus all the existing HERO PM features you know so well.

What Makes Harmony Better than Other Solutions?

  • HERO PM has a proven, almost 20 year track record of listening to users, constantly evolving and improving for your benefit, and keeping your data secure.
  • Our entirely US-based support team is expanding and available to guide you through implementation and ongoing use.
  • Harmony is easy to learn and easy to use, with guided tours, help tips, help videos, and wizards that automate and streamline routine functions.
  • Our pricing allows you to grow painlessly, with no per-unit or step-up fees.

Is Harmony Even Better than PROMAS?

Among Windows-based desktop software, PROMAS is still the most reliable, feature rich option for residential property managers. HERO PM is proud to continue to provide cloud-integration for PROMAS. Harmony will further enrich and improve the experience for PROMAS users. It's not a replacement for PROMAS; it's a replacement for the other web-based accounting and management solutions.

Want to Learn More?

Watch the quick sneak-peek video above. Over the coming weeks, we'll be providing additional information, so keep an eye on your email. If you're considering a switch to another solution, please call us first so we can help you make an informed comparison of HERO Harmony with the solution you have in mind.

A few Harmony screenshots: