A Summary of the Features in HERO Harmony

To experience the expansive feature set of HERO Harmony, you need to try it! However, for those who just love to read long lists, we've included a summary overview of significant features below.

You can try everything with the free Launch Edition, or review the packages and pricing.


  • Enter unit data with over 600 data points (and add custom fields to your database)
  • Use customizable listing entry forms for simplified and consistent listing entry
  • Drag and drop to add unlimited photos (with optional watermark and logo stamp) and a listing video
  • Automatic nudgeable interactive maps with geocoding
  • Text response for inquiries from sign riders and printed materials
  • Static or recyclable listing codes for publishing direct links to listing
  • Optionally organize listings into properties and floorplans
  • Clone listings and media from templates for similar listings in apartment, condo, and townhome communities
  • Marketing effectiveness algorithm to increase tenants views and attraction
  • Automated distribution to all major rental websites, your own website, and the HERO ILS
  • Customize the layout, style, and view of listings embedded in your website
  • Optional manual export to blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, and more
  • Enhanced statistics on listing performance, views, contacts, and inquiries
  • Tracking of places where your listing has been distributed
  • Unified tracking and responses for listing inquiries
  • Convert interested prospects to prospective tenants to track all communications
  • Showing scheduling and tracking
  • Match new and changed listings to parameters desired by prospects and send updates by text or email
  • Record maintenance instructions, service providers, preferred vendors, and routine maintenance items for each listing (see more under Maintenance)
  • View all work requests and workorders on a listing (see more under Maintenance)
  • View all applications on a listing in the order they were submitted (see more under Applications)
  • Set custom application criteria for each listing (see more under Applications)
  • View all inspections performed on a listing (see more under Inspections)
  • View graphical reports on listing inventory, activity, locations, and media
  • Export customizable inventory lists
  • Generate customizable, printable vacancy lists
  • Track notes on each listing, tracked by user and time
  • Set standard policies, programs, and disclosures that display for all listings
  • History tracking for every piece of information changed on a listing


  • Each listing has a secure, customizable application form that can be completed on any device (computer, phone, tablet)
  • Send or publish a direct link to any listing’s application
  • Default application is pre-installed with the most common rental application fields pre-set
  • Your application can be completely customized, including questions, allowed answers, required items, conditional items, and more
  • Set any question to require an answer to prevent submission of incomplete applications
  • Set question rules to display more or fewer questions based on a specific answer (e.g. show specific pet information only when applicant indicates they have pets)
  • Add new application pages and organize application questions into relevant pages as desired
  • Add your own application instructions, requirements, expectations, and automatically merge the unique application requirements per-listing
  • Add your own post-application instructions to inform or instruct applicants after application is complete
  • Provide specific help on each application question to eliminate applicants getting stuck or calling for clarification
  • Style application questions as desired to match your website or company theme
  • Application is auto-saved after each answer, and applicant can return to complete the application at any time
  • Applicant email includes co-applicant link to forward blank co-application to spouse, partner, roommates, etc.
  • Embedded digital signature capture on each application
  • Collect application fees simply and directly online with no complex setup
  • Completed application is automatically converted into a PDF that the applicant can download/print at any time
  • Each submitted application is sent to you for screening with an immutable timestamp and payment status
  • Screen each application through integrated screening partners, or self-screening with tracking and scoring
  • Easily send applicant their customized acceptance, conditional acceptance, or rejection letters
  • Each owner can see applications on their units in their portal, if enabled
  • Convert accepted applicants to tenants with all their applicant information included


  • Any user or inspector can easily perform an inspection on any managed unit with the integrated inspection app
  • Inspections can be done on a tablet or computer, and inspections done in the field can be immediately viewed in your office
  • Perform any of seven inspection types based on the inspection’s purpose (move-in, move-out, periodic, drive-by, pre-management, start of management, end of management)
  • Compare and report on inspection results by related types (e.g. move-in compared to move-out)
  • Define unlimited custom inspection templates, or allow the AI to create the inspection template from the listing information and inspection type
  • Templates created from the listing include all of the items defined in the listing (e.g. number of bedrooms and bathrooms, other rooms, unit features, pool, etc.)
  • Add other rooms and items encountered as the inspection is performed, and the self-learning AI will add these for the next inspection
  • Allow an inspector to remove items from the inspection, or lock them in so an inspection grade must be indicated
  • Record the state of each room/area and item inspected with simple inspection grades
  • Set optional rules and guides for the inspector on each item
  • Add unlimited notes, photos, and videos for each item (dictate notes on supporting devices)
  • Add pre-defined notes for one-click add to any item
  • Optionally require the inspector to include a photo for any problem item
  • Add workorders and estimates for items requiring repair or replacement, and indicate if tenant or owner is responsible for estimated cost
  • Set custom prices and payment responsibility for cleaning, repair, or replacement of any item
  • Include total cost of estimates for tenant on inspection report
  • Embedded digital signature capture requires inspector signature, and optionally tenant, witness, or owner signatures
  • Create inspection reports in various formats and email to tenant, owner, or maintenance coordinator
  • Configure custom report cover pages and photo
  • View all completed inspections by unit, tenant, or owner
  • Each tenant and owner can view their inspections in their portal, if enabled


  • HERO is the most experienced website developer for property management in the United States
  • Start with a no-cost Rapid Start design, choose a custom design from our library, or work with our design team for a unique, beautiful design built just for you
  • Sites are always SEO-Amazing, fully responsive, mobile optimized, and ADA friendly
  • Fully customize and edit your site with a powerful, easy-to-use content management system, or use our personal webmaster service to make changes for you
  • Edit each page as easily as you’d edit a Word document
  • Built-in SEO tools allow you to further analyze and optimize your site features and content
  • Complete control over site and page meta tags and titles
  • Email at your domain is built-in, included, and easy to manage
  • Manage site images, videos, and files through site libraries
  • Easily update site, theme, page, and inline CSS styles
  • Add scripts and create your own powerful WebGadgets, or insert pre-defined gadgets like image sliders, listing slideshows, and dozens more
  • Add pre-structured, themed blog pages with specializing blogging features
  • Easily build your own forms with control over the theme, structure, and content, with downloadable/database storage of form input results
  • Add pre-formatted grid pages for lists like staff directories and sales listings
  • Advanced users have full control over technical components like robots.txt and .htaccess

Trust Accounting

  • View all financial options and bank balances in one simple view
  • Built-in low-cost credit card, eCheck, and ACH payments
  • One-click processing of pay ins, from credit cards, eChecks, lockboxes, and any third-party payment system that provides an API
  • Easily generate pay outs by printed check, ACH, or any one of more than a dozen payment solutions, including third-party solutions with an API
  • Quickly pay all outstanding invoices from a single view
  • Process owner distributions in a single click using each owner’s pre-defined pay out method and distribution statement with automatic distribution statement email
  • Owner distributions view shows all outstanding bills, uninvoiced workorders, outstanding receivables, owner allocations, preferred pay out method, and more in a simple, easy-to-understand, hard-to-screw-up format
  • View any owner’s entire distribution history and all past statements
  • Quickly send any owner a draw outside of scheduled distributions
  • Generate financial reports at any time and print, download, or save them to your company, owner, or tenant portal
  • Add an unlimited number of bank accounts and optionally set posting for owners to their bank accounts
  • Fully customize your chart of accounts, bill and charge codes, and posting rules
  • Set defaults and preferences to customize functionality to your business
  • Set a maximum amount of management company funds in a trust account
  • Easily view undeposited items and generate deposits for any bank account
  • Review bank accounts by statement view, journal view, or reconciliation view
  • One-click transaction reconciliation and transaction locking
  • Easily record invoices from vendors or one-time payees
  • Record invoices from workorders with pre-filled values
  • Charge tenant co-pay directly on invoices from a workorder
  • Split invoices into multiple bill codes/accounts from your chart of accounts
  • Consolidate payments to vendors from multiple invoices or payments
  • Generate and eFile vendor 1099s
  • Quickly see up-to-date balances, reserves, and hold backs for any owner
  • Powerful management fee options include percentage of rent or fees collected, base fee, maximum fee, and more
  • Split any fee collected between owner and management company, like late fees
  • View all management bills and collect from owner accounts on your schedule
  • Set any owner bill as recurring with flexible recur scheduling
  • Automated late fees with powerful configuration including initial and daily fixed fees or percentages and period caps on late fees
  • Owners and tenants can view their balances and make payments through their portal, if enabled
  • Tenant payments can be easily blocked, blocked by schedule (e.g. after the 5th of the month), or reviewed and refunded before posting
  • Add flat or percentage convenience fees for online payments, trust account amounts flow through independent of any additional fees collected or paid

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)/Communication 

  • Add any person as a prospect or active profile to manage all communications with them
  • Profiles can be added manually, from inquiries, or from any third-party application that will connect to an API
  • Each profile includes an unlimited number of contacts including phone, text, email, and social media, and contact preferences
  • Easily view all communications that have occurred between your company and any person
  • Create unlimited beautiful rich email and letter templates for messaging for any communication you want to send
  • Build campaigns that consist of a series of emails, texts, phone calls, and tasks with action schedules
  • Add a campaign to a profile to automatically schedule messages and activities for that person
  • Individually add specific activities or messages to a person based on their specific needs or interest
  • View a timeline of all actions related to an active or completed campaign, organized as a project
  • Customize template messages to send to a person in conjunction with any action you take (e.g. a charge is added, a receipt is posted, or an invoice is recorded, etc.)
  • Message templates include merge fields to automatically merge any data specific to the individual receiving the message
  • Select whether actions automatically send a message to the person, optionally send a message, or never send a message
  • When an action is taken, the message is sent immediately by email or text according to their preferences
  • Messages can contain portal links to allow direct access to the item in the recipient’s portal (e.g. when a charge is added, a tenant can immediately log in to the portal to view and and pay it)
  • Compose and send individual text or email messages at any time, and schedule for future delivery if desired
  • Easily add attachments to any message, and they’ll be stored in the recipient's document folder for easy future retrieval, including through their portal if enabled
  • Each agent has a unique CRM email address, allowing their business email address to have a forward to their CRM address (e.g. an owner can send a message to, and it will go to Jim’s email as well as being logged into the owner’s message log)
  • When a message is received from an unknown sender, you can associate the sender with one of your profiles so future messages are automatically connected with that person, and you’ll have that contact available in their profile for future contact
  • When viewing or replying to a message, easily add an activity if the communication requires follow up, tasks, or meetings


  • Harmony brings together the places you manage, the people you manage for, and the agreements that govern your relationship
  • Dashboard view shows everything that’s going on, with new items, items requiring action, scheduled items, and items that have occurred while you were away (like a tenant paying rent, or a vendor completing a workorder)
  • Universal search allows you to quickly find anything, anywhere throughout the system
  • Calendar view shows everything that’s scheduled, including maintenance, agreements ending or renewing, tasks, and other activities
  • The calendar shows a busyness indicator so you can easily see which days have open space and which days are going to require extra coffee
  • Scheduled items can be color-coded to give you a better at-a-glance view of what’s going on, and have priority and importance levels to help you reschedule when necessary


  • People can be individuals (like a single owner, tenant, or vendor), corporations (like an ownership LLC or a vendor company), or groups (like a family with parents as tenants and children as occupants)
  • Record and track all information for each person, and add custom fields for information you track that’s not already part of the system
  • Perform all management functions by the “who” (owner, tenant, vendor, etc.) or the “what” (bill, activity, maintenance, etc.) making it simple to perform any function for any person
  • Elect to automatically send a person a daily summary of all actions you’ve taken on their account
  • Each person can have their own secure portal account (embedded in your custom website), with the options you choose to enable for them (e.g. 4 roommates on the same lease each have their own portal account, and you can allow any of them to pay rent, or only accept rent from some of them; or 2 owners on the same management agreement each have their own portal account, and you can enable only one of them to see inspections done on their units, etc.)
  • Easily view and change the status of each person, or allow the status of their agreement to change the status of each person on the agreement (you won’t accidentally send an invitation to the holiday party to an evicted tenant)
  • View and add free-form notes on any person, which are stamped with the user and time, and view the history of every change that’s been made in their profile
  • Each occupant (tenant, guest, association member) can have animals on their profile, allowing you to easily record and track identities and specifics on each of their pets and animals
  • Each person can be set with their own preferences for numerous items


  • Agreements each have their own accounting ledger, and can include multiple places and people (e.g. a management agreement with 3 owners and 8 units, or a lease agreement with 4 tenants and 1 unit)
  • Optionally set defaults for each type of agreement, and create a specific agreement with its unique settings for each contract (management agreement, lease agreement, services agreement, etc.)
  • Agreement forms, addendums, and notices can be based on your existing (paper) forms, or you can browse the library for available pre-composed templates
  • Create an unlimited number of agreement form templates and addendums to use a unique form as required by the type/purpose of the agreement and the specifics of the unit, agreement data is automatically merged into the form
  • Set custom information flags in agreement forms for manual entry of any information that’s not a part of the agreement data, like calculations or special explanations
  • Agreement forms can be automatically emailed to the person or people on the agreement (tenant, owner, vendor, etc.) and digitally signed, or digitally signed from their portal
  • Digitally signed agreement forms are converted to a locked PDF and permanently stored with the agreement and all people on the agreement
  • Create an unlimited number of agreement notices for each type of agreement
  • Generate and send notices with data automatically merged whenever a notification is necessary (e.g. notice to renew, notice of violation, etc.)
  • Notices have the same delivery and digital signing options as the agreement form
  • Optionally split ownership percentage in each management agreement to automatically allocate distributions to multiple co-owners
  • Include an unlimited number of units on a single management agreement
  • Management agreements can have any type of management fees that are automatically calculated and billed/collected (e.g. percent of collected, fixed fee, base plus percent, period cap, etc.)
  • Set self-management mode to automatically include all units on your own management agreement
  • Include multiple tenants in a single unit on a lease agreement for traditional rentals, or a single unit on multiple lease agreements for student housing (by-the-bed) arrangements
  • Include a single tenant in multiple units for renting a group of units to a corporation
  • Set a lease as month-to-month for specific processing and protocol
  • Lease agreements can have any type of late fees that are automatically calculated and charged, and optionally split with management at any ratio (initial, daily, percent, fixed, period cap, etc.)
  • Create services agreements where units are serviced/maintained by a default vendor or home warranty
  • Track all licenses, certifications, insurances, and bonds for a vendor on a services agreement and be notified of any expirations


  • Quickly add an activity whenever there’s something to do - from your calendar, from any person, or from any transaction or communication
  • Activities can be tasks, communications, events, schedules, deliveries, or pickups
  • Create projects that contain multiple activities done in a certain order on a specific schedule (e.g. a move-out project may contain various tasks and communications to be verified or done in a specific sequence); the project will guide you through each item and ensure nothing is missed
  • Track and report on time and billing on any activity
  • Indicate and track involved and busy people on any activity
  • Activities are structured on the GTD model of productivity


  • View and save any type of file (document, image, video, etc.) to any agreement or person, and elect to make them available in a person’s portal
  • Documents can be added by dragging and dropping, by attaching to an item (like an email, transaction, activity, or workorder), or by saving a letter, notice, form, or report
  • Portal users can organize, tag/group, file, or discard the documents as they like, with no effect on your ability to search and view
  • Documents added to an agreement are viewable by all people on the agreement (e.g. adding a document to a lease, with portal access, will be in each tenant’s portal)
  • Broad-scope documents can be added once for all owners, all tenants, or all vendors, or to a selected group of people
  • Compose letters as documents with unlimited customizable letter templates that automatically merge the specific data from the person you’re writing to
  • Set multiple custom company headers and footers and add them to each letter
  • The document system is based on Dublin Core for enterprise-grade document management power


  • Add work requests, or allow tenants or owners to add work requests from their portal or through API from any third-party provider
  • Work requests can include photos, videos, or other supporting attachments
  • Set routine maintenance per unit to automatically add a work request for an item on a specific schedule (e.g. flush water heater every six months or check fire extinguisher every year)
  • Generate workorders for vendors from work requests, from inspections, or as stand-alone (i.e. unrequested work)
  • Multiple workorders can be created from a single request, in the case of multiple trades or multiple phases of work
  • Track work assigned from each request to ensure all work is completed with prompts to ensure requester is notified
  • Mark requests resolved without needing work when no work is required (e.g. tenant reports that toaster is not toasting both sides of bread evenly, you resolve with no vendor dispatch by telling tenant they are responsible for their own toaster)
  • Record appliances and warranties per unit to notify yourself and vendor when work is being performed on item within warranty
  • Assign home warranty to unit to show information on home warranty when creating workorder and defaulting to assignment  to services agreement provider
  • Where work is normally triaged by a handyman or specific vendor, set a services agreement for default work order assignment
  • Record specific unit maintenance instructions for property manager, tenant, and vendor, which display in any assigned work
  • Set preferred vendors as defaults or per-unit for each type of maintenance
  • See vendor suitability to select best vendor assignment based on industry/trade, region served, and vendor performance from past work
  • Set workorder cost limits and special authorization based on management agreement
  • Set work notification requirements and contacts per workorder (e.g. text tenant to schedule and upon completion, etc.)
  • Set work status to Hold with a hold expiration to ensure delayed work does not slip through the cracks
  • Set work as “Do Not Invoice” to ensure vendor is not accidentally invoicing for work that should not be billed
  • Record invoice from a workorder to connect them, mark workorder as invoiced, and populate invoice with data from workorder
  • Set work as subject to tenant co-pay as applicable to charge specific maintenance co-pay or default from lease
  • Track each stage of work with notifications and alerts for any overdue work
  • Notify vendor of work with customizable template email or text message, and enable vendor view in portal if desired
  • Vendor can update status, estimates, and totals, and ask you questions, through their portal
  • Require vendor to track on-site time with GPS-based job log in their portal
  • Require client approval for work when needed (either because of scope or cost/authorization limits of management agreement) for owner to review and electronically sign approval in their portal
  • View job log (vendor on-site for work) for an individual workorder or all work by a vendor
  • View open maintenance report to see all maintenance that is not yet complete, with stage progress, time progress, and analysis
  • View completed maintenance report to see all maintenance that is complete, with time and cost analysis, performance ratings, and unit analysis
  • View maintenance reports in aggregate (entire company) or per-vendor


  • Cloud-based and accessible from any Windows, Mac, Linux, or tablet device
  • Top-grade security and access controls with double-encryption on sensitive data
  • Expansive, advanced Open API with customizable security controls
  • Inline, on-screen help and instruction guides
  • Customizable page and procedure guides so your users follow your company’s specific protocol
  • Customizable system menu  for quick and easy access to the functions you use most
  • Unlimited people (owners, tenants, vendors, etc.), places (properties, units), and transactions per account [Property Manager Edition]
  • Flat subscription pricing with no limits and no hidden fees - No per unit fees; no extra fees for APIs, email, eSignatures, electronic agreements, data export, portals, inspections, etc. [Property Manager Edition]
  • Add Agent accounts for each manager, when they have separate portfolios/contacts [Property Manager Edition]
  • Add Office accounts for companies with multiple locations [Property Manager Edition]
  • Unlimited users per account
  • Powerful and flexible user authorization configuration
  • Optional multi-factor authentication and password expiration policies
  • User login tracking and session activity logging
  • Full history of every change on every item with user and timestamp
  • Hundreds of customization and configuration options to make the system work exactly the way you do