Harmony U

Harmony U

If you're looking to learn all about HERO Harmony, you've come to the right place!

Harmony U consists of overview videos, training videos, webinars, articles, and guides. Advanced users and partners can opt-in to Harmony U testing and receive certification in key areas of Harmony use.

Most users opt to learn about specific features and functions as they need to use them. This is done within your Harmony account, by selecting the help option. From there you can search for the resources of interest, or chat with our AI chatbot, HERO Hank, to get information and links. Additionally, you can see any scheduled live events and register to attend.

If you're looking for a basic overview of key Harmony features, click here. (Your PMID is required, to display features eligible in your account. You can see your PMID in your welcome email or any other email we send.)

If you're looking for articles covering specific Harmony features in more detail, click here.