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We started it all.  In the mid 90's (that's the 1990's; we didn't invent the zipper or the ice cream scoop in the 1890's), a group of property managers got together with some geeks, with a mission to figure out how to use this new fangled Internet thing to the benefit of the residential property management industry.

We built a solution, and spent the next few years working to convince property managers that the Internet was real and it was here to stay.  By now, about 92.7% of them believe it.  These are the people we work with - property managers who want to use technology, specifically the Internet and the cloud, to make their lives easier.

For over 25 years, that's been our laser focus.  How we can use technology and the Internet to make property management easier, better, and more profitable.  Over the years, we've seen some notable milestones:

  • YahooWe worked with Yahoo! to convince them that rental listings could be "syndicated"; they could be entered at one source and viewed elsewhere.  They jumped on board with our plan, and the first rental listing syndication solution was born.  Yahoo's gone a different direction now, but we've continued to lead the pack in rental listing syndication - our network is by far the largest in the world.
  • GoogleGoogle came along while we were in the process of trying to convince people that the Internet was here to stay.  They may never know how much they helped us!
  • Rich MediaWe created the first rich-media web solution for rental listings, allowing people to use the web for listings with photos, videos, maps, and sound.
  • PortalsWe created the first client portal system for rental management, allowing owners and tenants to log in online and see the stuff that property managers formerly had to mail and fax.
  • MaintenanceWe created the first online work order management system for property management that allowed property managers, tenants, vendors, and owners to all be a part of the process without bazillions of phone calls, faxes, and crazy stories.
  • VideoWe created the first video platform dedicated to rentals.  Now that system is better than ever, and fully integrates with YouTube.
  • WebsiteWe created the first (and still the only major) website creation and management platform specific to property management.  Until this, property managers would hire a high school kid to build a website, then cry when the kid went off to college and stopped returning their calls.  Now, any property manager can have full control over a stupendous, SEO-Awesome, company website with HERO.
  • Hybrid CloudWe created the first hybrid-cloud solution in residential property management, allowing their managers to keep accounting and private data in their control, while allowing owners and tenants to access their data online.
  • OctopusWe were the first company, that we know of, to randomly place an octopus on the about page of our website.  Call us at 800-770-HERO if you find another, because that would be very interesting. We've learned that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
  • TrophyWe were voted Company of the Year by the National Association of Residential Property Managers more times than any other company, anywhere.

There's so much more, but we don't want to bore you.  Since we started all those years ago, we've continued to stay at the forefront of helping property managers use the Internet to transform their businesses into High Efficiency Rental Offices.  We'd love the opportunity to help you!

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