Member Solutions Position Details

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Identify companies and individuals who qualify to use, and would benefit from HERO systems.

  • Assess the needs of these companies and propose solutions to meet the needs.

  • Guide individuals through the process of effectively using HERO systems and resources.

  • Attend opportunity events.


Selection and Expectations


The ideal candidate for this position will:

  • Work in unity with the HERO PM team.

  • Have a high level of respect for others on the team, members, prospects, and vendors.

  • Have a strong desire to understand the needs of the property management industry and translate ways that our solutions meet those needs (benefits of our system).

  • Have a strong desire to learn and improve in areas of process and procedure, technical knowledge, and industry knowledge.

  • Communicate effectively in plain English with both members and the HERO PM team.

  • Work well inside the parameters set by HERO PM.

  • Work well from home and/or unsupervised.

  • Be willing and confident in making suggestions and recommendations for improvement.

  • Pitch in and help where needed, even if it falls outside of stated responsibilities.

  • Have or obtain a basic knowledge of computers and the Internet; including the HERO PM systems and chosen tools.

  • Have or obtain knowledge about the real estate and property management industry.


Required Tools


  • A computer connected to high-speed Internet with a current web browser.

  • The HERO Member Services, Group Services, and/or Partner Services systems (provided) for process management, project management , and communication.




This may be a contract position, and if so you will be required to complete an independent contractor agreement.

Member Solutions compensation is structured to provide an incentive for placing our solutions into the hands of those who need them. Solutions Representatives are awarded points for successfully performing the requirements of the position, which are multiplied by the level of the position. In addition to earning points, each member of the HERO PM team earns an $10 per hour override. It is expected that an effective Member Solutions Team Member will earn from $15 to $26 per hour, with an opportunity for sales commissions.


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