Member Solutions Position Overview


The mission of HERO PM Member Solutions is twofold: first, to identify people who can benefit from HERO systems, assess their needs, and deliver solutions to meet those needs. Second, we assess users of HERO systems to determine and increase their level of satisfaction with our solutions while directing them toward the ideal solutions for their needs.


We have chosen to do business in a market where people are often not computer savvy, but rely heavily on their computer systems to meet their business needs. We must treat every member with empathy, understanding the magnitude of frustration and business disruption that computer systems can cause. Our business model mandates that we keep our members happy and using our systems effectively, in order to continue renewal income.


We work to proactively identify and connect with prospective members based on their requirements and needs. We further reach out to existing members who have needs beyond those currently being met by their solutions package with us, and to members who may have needs undetermined or unexpressed. We guide these people through the benefits of our offerings, and help them realize the advantages of our offerings, from overview to launch to package and then upgrades. It is the role of Member Solutions both to communicate and to measure the benefit of our offerings to property managers.

Member Solutions Representatives identify, reach out, and respond to leads, prospects, and members seeking the solutions we offer. Member Solutions team members set projects and follow ups for those inquiries that are beyond the scope of Member Solutions and have a responsibility to see that the members receive a timely response. The Member Solutions Team is often the first point of contact between a property manager and our company, as such this team sets the tone for a member’s long term satisfactory relationship with our company and product.

As Member Solutions, we work as a team. Each one of us has responsibilities, but ultimately the team is responsible to make everything happen.


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