Member Projects Position Overview


The mission of HERO PM Member Projects is to develop and manage custom websites, improve websites, and develop custom scripts and reports to help every member get the most out of their HERO systems.


We have chosen to do business in a market where people are often not computer savvy, but rely heavily on their computer systems to meet their business needs. We must treat every member with empathy, understanding the magnitude of frustration and business disruption that computer systems can cause. Our business model mandates that we keep our members happy and using our systems effectively, in order to continue renewal income.


We seek to understand our members' needs and desires, as expressed primarily through written communication. We keep abreast of design and technical trends in order to deliver the most effective solutions. Our output does not serve our own ego, but rather focuses on the ultimate good of our individual members. We strive to turn our members into raving fans by delivering first class results while supporting and helping them on our systems to the fullest extent possible.

The Member Projects team creates website designs based on member requests, customizes website content based on provided information, and implements requested website modifications and improvements.

Occasionally, the team will consult with individual members on custom projects. PPP Team Members work closely with SSS Team Members, the Product Development (DDD) team, and members to turn out quality work in a reasonable time-frame with excellent communication. (The Product Development team is responsible for the development of HERO systems, including our PM Website System for website development and maintenance.)

As Member Projects, we work as a team. Each one of us has responsibilities, but ultimately the team is responsible to make everything happen.


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