Join Us

Join Us

At HERO PM, we don't hire employees.  We adopt team members into our family.

If you're looking for productive work that does more than fill the hole in your pocketbook, and you're looking for your work to matter, we may work well together.  Does this profile fit you:

  • You have a heart to serve, and you're comfortable with company outings where we pack food for starving kids?
  • You can grow to love your customers, and put their needs ahead of efficiency, profit, and common sense?
  • You get excited when the profits from your efforts go to digging a well on the other side of the world, or funding an investigation that frees child slaves?
  • You want to be able to work from a home office, but you want to be in a community of teammates who genuinely care about you and your family?
  • You are black, or white, or some other color, handicapped or fully able bodied, gay or straight, a man or woman or both or neither, Christian, Muslim, Jewish or some other religion, including the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or you despise religion altogether, you are big or small or somewhere in-between, you have cats, or dogs, or lizards, or no pets at all?

We're a little odd, we're sort of strange, and we love to expand love in the world of business. Read on to understand who you're joining, and scroll down for opportunities.

Our Business Mission

HERO PM is committed to being the ultimate provider of information, management tools, and marketing resources for the property management industry. We improve the business experience of our members by leveraging the power of the Internet to increase efficiency and reach. This allows our members to make more money in less time with less effort.

Our Business Philosophy

Our business was founded by the supernatural leading of God, and is committed to accomplishing His/Her/Their purpose and example of goodness, kindness, beauty, and love. Established religious texts including the Bible are our foundational documents for determining our business ethics; specifically the lives and the inclusive, loving, compassionate teachings of Jesus Christ and others who preceeded and followed that example. We trust heavily on the leading of God/Love as we chart our business course.

We understand that the value of our business is directly related to the value we bring to our members. Without serving our members, we have no need to be in business. As we serve our members and improve their lives, we grow our business and increase profitability. Profits allow us to invest in others, who are our neighbors, no matter where they are.

We understand our mission includes serving non-members, including shareholders, employees, contractors, and vendors. We have an obligation to serve these people and help them accomplish their goals and dreams, and are conscious of that in all of our hiring, contracting, and purchasing decisions. We expend extra effort to empower and enable those who possess goals and dreams that line up well with those of the company.

We understand that all we gain as a company is minimal in light of legacy and eternity. The value we have is in the improvement we bring into the lives of members and non-members with whom we interact, and the improvement our profits bring to the lives of others. We are effective as a company only when the good we do outlasts the company itself. The company is not an end unto itself, but rather a vehicle to serve the industry, our members, shareholders, employees, contractors, and vendors; and others in need. Our purpose is achieved in effective, significant, loving service.

Our Business Objectives

We seek to develop the best tools for the industry, allowing property managers to perform their duties more efficiently and effectively. We constantly search out opportunities to ease the business burden of our target market. We build carefully and on solid foundations, ensuring our solutions meet a real need in the best possible way. We market to place these tools in the hands of the people who need them and derive sufficient benefit from them. We improve the lives of our members to such an extent that they’re happy to pay what we charge, and refer us to their colleagues without hesitation.

Opportunities to Serve

If you are interested in any of the following open positions, simply check out the overview, read through the position details, and follow the instructions on the questions page. We look forward to meeting you and determining your fit with our team.

To determine if you would fit well in the HERO PM Team, understand that these positions may be Independent Contractor Positions and read our Mission, Philosophy, and Objectives above.